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Hoppy days are here again

February 7, 2018

Here we go again. It’s frigid. It never stops snowing. We’re all going through decongestants and tissues like water. Valentine’s Day reminds us we’re (still) single. And that sinking feeling when we realize we’ve eaten our body weight in guacamole during the big game? At first glance, February sure seems like the Month of Misery.

But we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s no problem in this world that a bunny can’t solve. Which is why we consider it perfect timing that February was named Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month! Think about it. When have you ever needed somebun more?

Cold? You won’t find anything warmer, or softer, than a bunny belly! Lonely? A rabbit roommate means you need never come home to an empty house again! Too sick to get off the couch? You won’t even need to fumble around for the remote, not when fuzzy four footed acrobats are putting on a floor show in your living room!

Discard the stereotypical image of a bunny as a glorified shelf sitter! Many people are surprised to learn that rabbits have distinct personalities. It’s magical getting to know your new adoptee and watching his or her individuality emerge.

Thinking of adopting? Take your time to ensure your choice is a good fit with your situation. How much space do you have? How much time? Are you looking for an energetic, outgoing rabbit, or would you prefer a quiet, reclusive sort? Research the pros and cons of adopting young vs senior buns, and spend as much time as possible with your potential new mate before signing any papers.

Our free Bunny Basics booklet is a valuable tool. Read and download at our website, Think of this as a sort of Rabbit Driver’s Ed! Bunny Basics covers the minimum information every rabbit parent needs before bringing home their new addition.


Black Bunday

November 22, 2017

While you’re scouring the Thanksgiving weekend ads, don’t forget to check out our GLRS Facebook page! 

No need to bundle up and head out to fight the hordes of overly-caffeinated deal-hungry ninja shoppers for the best Black Friday deals! You don’t even have to fully emerge from your turkey coma. Just drag that second piece of pumpkin pie over to your keyboard, sit back, and discover the true meaning of “Black Friday”!

We have some fabulous black bunnies looking for forever homes this holiday season. Much like black cats, black rabbits are often overlooked because of their color. However, we think they are beautiful and definitely deserve a second look. Black bunnies are the ultimate in practicality and luxury. Kind of like rich dark Belgian chocolate, except our rabbits won’t melt all over your fingers. (We can make no guarantees about your heart, however!)

Take a look at some of the beauties just waiting to join your family this season!


Pascha is a plush velvet Rex who prefers to hang out at the adult table. No kids or other animals for him! Shy, gentle, and oh so soft, he’s the perfect choice for a laid-back, quiet household.



His sister Kira is the social butterfly of the family, a whirling dervish who never stops moving. Give her plenty of room to romp and explore, and you’ll never need to turn on your TV for entertainment.



Nibbler was nabbed while sneaking around a college campus. Was she searching for a party or just a place to chill out with friends? We’re betting the latter. Nibbler’s a true snuggler who’ll take all the affection you have to give.



Raymond is the epitome of an introvert. Here’s a rabbit who’s happiest sprawled out on the carpet. Maybe beside you, watching the football game?



Merry is just that, happy to be alive and not willing to waste a minute. He’s a high-octane bun, and as such, he doesn’t have a lot of patience for down time. Active, free-spirited adopters may find Merry to be the four-footed soulmate they’ve been dreaming of.


Interested in any of our Black Friday Buns? Contact Happy Thanksgiving!!







Baby binkies

August 30, 2017

When it rains, it pours…and you can help us hold the umbrella! Please join us on Sunday, September 10th, for a Baby Shower to welcome our newestminiature additions.

You’ve heard the old phrase “raining cats and dogs”. Around here, it’s been raining rabbits! First our heroic hoarding survivor Nala surprised us with eight tiny kits. Almost immediately afterward the Michigan Five arrived, all impossibly adorable and all under two months old. The deluge continued with four babies from Belleville.

Then just to mix things up, along came Maisy the piglet!

18 youngsters? That’s a kindergarten class! That’s both sides of a Little League game! That’s most of the Duggar family (and even they procured their kids one at a time)! You can see how this might have come as a shock. But now that the sheer terror has worn thin, we’re ready to celebrate our fresh fuzzy furbabies. And we’d love for you to join in.

Our baby shower will run from 1-4 PM, with free admission (although “diaper donations” are greatly welcomed!) Start your afternoon with light snacks, punch, and of course, cake! Stay for shower games and a silent auction (win a box of goodies to use to “baby” yourself!) Enjoy a tour of the grounds and barns, and of course, meet our irresistible guests of honor.

For more information, or for the sanctuary address, please contact

Sweet Sixteen

August 9, 2017

“It takes a village” is an apt phrase for raising children. It’s also the mantra of animal rescue groups everywhere. How else could you even begin to manage the nightmarish scenario that recently unfolded in southern Ohio?

Acting on neighbors’ complaints, authorities discovered over 80 animals crammed into a filthy, reeking house. There were some dogs and cats, but the majority were rabbits. A nearby rabbit shelter answered the call to help with removing the animals. By the time the day was finished, River Road Rabbit Rescue found themselves responsible for 53 bunnies!

As if finding pen space for so many wasn’t difficult enough, RRRR also had to deal with the various health issues that stemmed from the rabbits’ neglect. And they had to do it fast. Clearly, it was time to flash the Bat, er, Bun Signal and call in reinforcements!

Rescue groups around the country responded, including GLRS. We found room for eight of the rabbits, and willing volunteers drove them several hours to our sanctuary. At least, we thought we were receiving eight…Imagine our surprise when one of the females almost immediately presented us with eight tiny kits!

Our sweet sixteen are more precious than gold. They’re also just as expensive! Vet bills, medications, neutering, food (and these buns can eat!)…If you’re so inclined, we could definitely use some help. (You can donate here.) Many thumps of thanks!


Ready for a rabbit?

March 29, 2017
Today’s blog is from guest writer Jessica Brody, creator of the website “OurBestFriends” (

With proper care, the average lifespan for most domesticated rabbits is between 8 and 12 years. It’s no wonder that many people refer to pets as their “lifelong companions.” Pets are indeed our loyal friends for life. Of course, this means that pet ownership is a huge responsibility that takes a lot of time and dedication. If you’ve been thinking of getting a new pet, here are some questions to ask yourself…

“Do I have enough time?”

The ASPCA recommends asking yourself these questions when considering whether you’ll be able to care for a new pet:


  • What major changes might happen to you during a pet’s lifetime? Marriage? Children? New job? Long-distance move? Are you willing to continue spending the time, energy and money to care for your pet when taking on new responsibilities like those?
  • What will you do if your spouse or child is allergic to or cannot get along with your pet?
  • If you’re getting a pet for children you have now, are you willing to take on the responsibility of caring for this pet when your children grow up, lose interest or move away?

Another consideration when it comes to time is life span. You’ll need to dedicate yourself to taking care of this pet each and every day – possibly for a decade or more. As your pet ages, expect to spend more time and money on his/her care. Can you commit to that?

“Can I afford a pet?”

This is a tough question, and one that only you can answer for yourself. Start by balancing your monthly budget to determine how much you can reasonably spend on a pet, and then try to pick a pet that will fit within that budget each month. Be sure to include calculations and estimates for the cost of food, water, housing, toys, and also unexpected costs like grooming (if needed) or vet bills. One final consideration is the cost of your pet itself. You’re likely to pay more for a rabbit from a shelter than from a pet store bargain bin, but shelter rabbits will already be spayed/neutered and health checked.

“What breed should I choose?”

All rabbits are not created alike. Before adopting, consider the qualities, temperament, fur, and maintenance level of each breed. A fluffy Angora will require daily brushing and regular trimming; lop rabbits must be monitored for earwax buildup and infection. Energetic dwarf breeds will need extra living space, while laid-back New Zealands are the best choice for homes with younger

Be sure to check with your landlord or apartment complex before getting a pet, if you rent. Expect to pay a damage deposit, which, realistically, you probably won’t get back.

“Where do I get my rabbit?”

It’s extremely important to get your new pet from the proper place. Local humane societies, pet rescues, and no kill shelters are a compassionate way to find a “forever home” for a pet in need. Even if you’re looking for a purebred (not mixed breed) rabbit, many of these pets are waiting in your local shelter, and there are hundreds of breed-specific animal rescues all over the country. Just be sure to avoid backyard breeders, flea markets, and other pet retailers with shady or unethical practices.

In Conclusion…

These questions are meant to be a starting point and are by no means all-inclusive. There are many other considerations to think of, including any additional pets in the household, any children or adults in the home, location, and more.

Are you ready for a rabbit? That is a question that you will ultimately have to answer for yourself. As you can see, pet ownership takes time, patience, dedication and love. It costs money and requires effort. However, it is also one of the most rewarding experiences imaginable and allows you an important opportunity to build a bond that could last for years.

If you’re ready to take the leap into pet parenthood, Petfinder is a great resource for finding your new best friend, no matter what kind of pet you’re looking for. Of course, if you’re looking for a pet pig, rabbit or cat, the Great Lakes Rabbit Sanctuary has plenty of loveable creatures who would love to come home with you.

Snow days

March 1, 2017

iuIt’s been a tough winter for snow lovers. Days of balmy spring weather have all but eviscerated our dreams of snowshoes and sleigh rides. But those of us who still long to be surrounded by soft, fluffy whiteness don’t need to wait for the whims of Mother Nature. We can stock our homes with snowballs from the sanctuary, the special kind that won’t sting our fingers or melt all over our carpet!iur

This week marks the end of “Adopt A Rescued Rabbit Month”, and if you’ve checked out our Petfinder page, you may have noticed a pattern. An avalanche of white bunnies has descended upon our barns! Californians, New Zealands, Florida Whites—these are among the most beautiful rabbits ever created, and the best natured.

1Maybe your philosophy is “bigger is better”. Than you’ll love Martha, a plus-size stunner who never refuses a cuddle. Or a snack. Martha wants your Fritos more than you do, and for a big girl, she’s remarkably quick. But she’ll forgive you for offering fresh veggies instead, as long as you don’t stop petting her until she’s good and ready.

For double the pleasure, consider twin brothers Bailey and Shepard. Just1-1 put down the grooming shears! Thanks to Daddy’s wild streak, Shepard sports a lovely long lion’s mane. Unless you’re their mama, that’s the only way you’re going to be able to tell them apart. These two are on the quiet side, which makes them ideal roommates, especially in the middle of the night!

3Do you appreciate a rabbit that’s a little rough around the edges? Fern’s a former street urchin turned mom of eight. There’s no need to break out the shampoo—she comes by her muddy markings honestly. Fern’s a tough cookie with a tender heart. If you’re looking for a bunny buddy  who can weather any of life’s storms, Fern’s your girl.iu-2

We can understand being a bit hesitant about bringing home a white sweater or a white rug, especially in winter. But you don’t have to worry about dripping hot chocolate down the front of your bunny, or tracking slush through your rabbit’s fur. With a little TLC, your living, breathing snowball is guaranteed to stay sparkling and fresh, no matter what the weather!

No tricks, all treat

October 5, 2016

What’s Halloween without a pumpkin? How about one that’s soft, fuzzy, and grey? No, not that2 withered blob at the bottom of the grocery store produce bin! Our Pumpkin is a vibrant ball of furry freshness. And we’re pretty sure you won’t mind if she ends up a little spoiled.

Pumpkin’s story is a true tale of terror. Abandoned on the side of the road, she spent her days and nights outrunning a steady stream of traffic and outwitting a passel of predators. It wasn’t just her own life on the line. Pumpkin was about to give birth. Very soon she’d need to find a semi-safe place and get a nest ready.

3Was it rabbit radar that led her to the backyard of a longtime sanctuary supporter? It’s hard to hide six bunny babies for long! The alert homeowner knew right away that this little family needed her help. One call and we were on our way.

Our little grey ghost has had enough of the scary life, and is ready for some TLC. She’s a bit on the shy side, and will thrive in a quiet home with no other animals. Give her plenty of time to adjust, and your patience will be rewarded with a curious, playful, affectionate companion. Did we mention she’s got the most other-worldly blue eyes? For the ultimate Halloween treat, contact Elizabeth at

Bunny 911

August 10, 2016

It’s happened to all of us. We get so involved with whatever it is we’re doing on our computer that we lose track of everything else. In Carrie’s case, it was homework. “I had a tough assignment in Web Design”, she tells us. She figured it would take most of the afternoon, so she put some soup on the stove to heat and got down to business.

Carrie’s rabbits, Kenzie and Frederic, like to keep her company as she works. “My computer’s in the bedroom,” she says. “The buns snooze under the bed, and usually only stick their heads out when they think they’re going to get a treat.” She didn’t have anything for them, so she couldn’t figure out why they kept circling her legs and nose-bonking her.

Heroic buns Kenzie and Frederic

Heroic buns Kenzie and Frederic

When their gentle attempts to get her attention failed, the two buns started thumping. Loudly! That’s when Carrie finally looked up from her work, and saw smoke billowing out from her kitchen. The pan of soup had boiled over and caught on fire!

Thanks to Fred and Ken’s early warning, Carrie was able to run in and douse the flames herself. The pan was ruined, but the stove and the kitchen were safe. “I have two battery-operated smoke detectors,” says Carrie, “but neither one went off until well after I’d already put out the fire.” She credits her four-legged alarm system for saving her home from disaster.

Fred and Ken were amply rewarded for their heroics, with thick slices of banana. And Carrie has learned her lesson about leaving things unattended on the stove. “The next time you think your rabbit is trying to tell you something, pay attention!” she advises. “It just might save your life!”

Sponsor me!

June 8, 2016

Have you always wanted to own a rabbit, but didn’t have the necessary time/space/agreeable spouse? Do the next best thing. Become a bunny sponsor!

For about fifty cents a day, you can provide food, bedding, veterinary care, and toys for your favorite bun (or pig or cat!). Choose from over 70 of our residents. You’ll be able to download a biography of your new buddy, along with a full color photo that will cheer you up every morning while you’re reaching for your coffee or your car keys.

il_570xN.731349043_b77jSponsorships are $45.00 for three months, $90.00 for six months, or $180.00 for a year. Pay in full, or in easy installments of just $15.00 per month.

You can even make arrangements with our staff to meet your chosen rabbit “in person”! See for yourself the difference a caring sponsor can make. You’ll feel great, knowing you’ve done your part to give a deserving rabbit (or pig or cat!) a better life.

To sponsor a rabbit online, click here. To sponsor by mail, click here.

Dynamic duo

June 19, 2013

Who are those two gorgeous bunnies over there by the hay bin? Why, they’re Farah and Tiki, our resident glamour couple! Barbie and Ken have nothing on these two. Farah is a real beauty queen, with her snowy white fur and perfectly coordinated nose and ears. Her handsome husbun Tiki is a silver-blue stunner. Rumor has it he’s got quite a way with the ladies!

Farah and Tiki are real go-getters. They love to run and jump and play. And when it comes to food? Their enthusiasm is unbounded. Stand back and watch them charm extra treats out of the unsuspecting staffers! This pair knows how to kick back and relax too. At the end of a long day, you might find them lounging on their outdoor patio.

So what’s an attractive, exciting pair like this still doing at the sanctuary? Could it be that word hasn’t gotten out yet about how fabulous they are? We’re doing our best to change that. You can help. Tell everyone you know about this remarkable adoptable duo. Encourage them to stop by the sanctuary and say hello. We’re betting it will be love at first sight.

Would you like to meet Farah and Tiki? Contact Carol at