Bunny on a budget

They’re fuzzy and lovable and impossible to resist! But if we’re not careful, our rabbits can easily turn iu-1into furry little money pits. We all want our rabbits to have the best, but the best can be a budget-breaker. But there’s no need to take out a second mortgage just to provide for your pet. Here are a few ideas how to skip the pet store markups and score smart substitutions.

bun pen1-1Start by thinking outside the cage, literally. The typical Pets-R-Us offerings are overpriced and far too small. Possibly the easiest way to house your rabbit is to invest in an x-pen. Your rabbit will have room to run, you’ll have easy access when it’s time to clean, and the panels are flexible, so you can reconfigure them as your room layout changes. Worried about the floor? Pick up an inexpensive waterproof tarp, and cover it with newspaper.iu-2

Don’t fall for the “Official Rabbit Product” sales pitch. Why spend $15 for a deluxe “rabbit” litter pan when you can get the same sized cat box for $3? And there’s no need to pay $20 for a bag of paper litter. Try wood stove pellets instead. A 40 pound supply runs about $5, and it lasts forever. An inexpensive spray bottle, a gallon of vinegar, and tap water make an effective and economical substitute for commercial cleaning solutions.

iuRabbit-friendly toy alternatives are everywhere. You could invest $20 in a fabric tunnel destined to be gnawed to shreds, or you could stop by the home improvement store and bring home a chew-resistant cardboard concrete form for half the price. While you’re there, grab a straw whisk broom and a roll of sisal rope for your bunny’s munching enjoyment. The next time you go grocery shopping, pick up a pack of lunch sacks. Fill them with hay and treats for a bunny scavenger hunt.

Speaking of munching, your rabbit, as well as your wallet, will thank you profusely if you avoid those iurdusty bags of stale pet store hay. Why pay $8 for a tiny one pound package that will last maybe a week? A bulk package of 25 pounds of farm fresh timothy on Amazon runs around $60 (with free shipping). That’s a net savings of $144! Use your windfall to splurge on locally grown dried herb and flower mixes to sprinkle on top.



One Response to “Bunny on a budget”

  1. Granny Says:

    Ingenious ideas. Thank you! Also… I LOVE the photos. The custom litter box (bathroom) had me in stitches.
    Happy Easter, everyone.

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