Put a lid on it!

You’d be hard pressed to find a rabbit parent who doesn’t sing the praises of the X-pen. Portable, flexible, and relatively inexpensive, an X-pen can go anywhere, adjust to any size space, and provide a no-fuss living or play area for your bun.  They’re especially convenient as an outdoor playpen, if your rabbit is the type who likes to feel the grass beneath her paws.

What could be easier? Little Bunzilla has room to stretch her legs, and you don’t have to encircle the good furniture with barbed wire! Unless, of course, you’ve got a particularly curious/energetic/powerful superbun. Not all of us have experience with these four-footed pogo sticks, but if you have, you know the sky’s the limit.

Superman may be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but I’ll guarantee you that Superbun won’t be far behind! That towering X-pen that looks so insurmountable to you is nothing more than a speed bump to a determined rabbit. And if she’s got a burrow box or hay rack to launch from? She’ll be vaulting to freedom before you’ve even latched the gate!

The trouble with Bunzilla going up is that inevitably she has to come down, and as most of us know from personal experience, landing is the painful part. Your rabbit doesn’t think ahead to see if she’s catapulting onto a thick plush carpet or onto a cement floor. She may feel invincible, but so did your ten year old when he leapt off the roof, and you’ve got the ER bill to prove him wrong!

You can invest in a commercial wire or canvas X-pen cover to prevent escapes, but for the budget-minded DIYer, all you really need is an old blanket, sheet, or tarp. Drape the material over the pen, pull taut, and secure with spring clamps. Make sure the material comes all the way to the edge of the enclosure, preferably hanging down a couple of inches, so Bunzie won’t have any gaps to aim for.

Caution: do not wrap the sides of the pen—Bunzilla needs to breathe. Make sure the pen itself is high enough that she can sit upright even with the lid on. And always, always stay with your rabbit when she’s outdoors!


One Response to “Put a lid on it!”

  1. Granny Says:

    Fredric the Great and Kenzie his mate used the x-pens. Lots of space for active buns. Their bunny mommy could set it up any where and it made a great travel pen. Another plus: their pens still look like new after years of use. Helpful article. Thank you GLRS!

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